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EBDA in December 2023

EBDA Team’s Training with WATDEV Project and CIHEAM

In collaboration with esteemed institutions such as HU, CIHEAM and EBDA. Three of the EBDA team members had the privilege of participating in a transformative training opportunity facilitated by the WATDEV project. Held at CIHEAM BARI in Italy from December 11 to December 16, 2023, this program focused on advancing knowledge in water, soil, and crop management within the context of climate-smart agriculture. Specifically tailored to empower local stakeholders, the course delved into the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and innovative approaches in Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan. Throughout the intensive training, crucial subjects were covered, encompassing areas such as crop rotation, agroforestry, composting, water users’ associations, and the utilization of improved seeds. This invaluable experience not only broadened the team’s understanding of sustainable agricultural practices but also equipped them with practical insights to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of agricultural initiatives within the farmers’ community. Check the link to learn more: www.watdev.


EBDA Joined COP28

During COP 28, the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) showcased remarkable strides in promoting sustainable and biodynamic practices, reflecting our unwavering commitment to fostering a more environmentally conscious future. The EBDA team diligently worked to highlight the significant achievements and advancements in implementing the Economy of Love standard. Notably, they engaged in extensive networking efforts to amplify our vision for a sustainable and biodynamic future. A pivotal focus of our endeavors remains the ambitious goal of upscaling our initiatives to benefit 40,000 farmers in the coming years. This commitment underscores the EBDA dedication to creating a meaningful impact on agricultural communities. Next to this, The COP 28 platform provided a valuable opportunity to share our successes, exchange insights, and collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our vision for a more sustainable and equitable world. Moreover, The EoL team participated in COP 28 in Dubai, engaging in meetings with policymakers to discuss and promote the concepts of the economy of love and biodynamic agriculture as solutions for climate mitigation. The team also successfully sold 1000 Carbon Credits to iSiS company through the Egyptian Stock Exchange, contributing to the practical implementation of these sustainable approaches.


EoL Audiovisuals Explores Aswan’s Biodynamic & Sustainable Farming Practices

The EoL Audiovisuals team embarked on a transformative journey to Aswan, capturing the essence of the region’s distinctive agricultural practices. With a keen focus on sustainable and biodynamic farming, the team meticulously filmed the cultivation of unique crops that thrive in Aswan’s environment. The outcome of their dedication and efforts is a collection of 35 educational videos, each providing valuable insights into the cultivation and significance of these crops. Moreover, the team conducted insightful interviews with 75 local farmers, delving into their personal stories and farming methodologies. Check the link to know more Aswan Visit

Training on the Organic Agricultural law in Egypt

Organic Egypt conducted a three-day training for EBDA and IDAM on the organic agricultural law in Egypt and environmental laws affecting the sector. The training covered the history, challenges faced by women, regulations, implementation, and practical exercises to create advocacy strategies for the sector’s development.

EBDA Field Engineers On-boarding Training

The Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) takes pride in announcing the initiation of a comprehensive onboarding program for two weeks at sekem farm for 33 new agronomists. This strategic training is meticulously designed to introduce them to the essence of Sekem and EBDA’s vision and mission. With a dedicated focus on converting Egyptian lands from conventional to biodynamic farming, the training aims to equip our field engineers with a profound understanding of the EBDA biodynamic approach. This initiative aligns with our overarching goal of upscaling our impact, with a specific target of positively influencing the practices of 40,000 farmers in the next few years.

EBDA Farmers’ Training Program

In December, our esteemed trainers, Dr. Hassan Dahi and Dr. Abdullah Koraim, conducted impactful training sessions in various regions, empowering a significant 941 of farmers who are eager to convert their lands into organic/biodynamic farms under the Economy of Love standard’s regulation and benefits.

Social Initiative Forum (SIF)

Advancing Sustainability in the Bahariya Oases through the Lens of the (SIF) – Solid Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment at the SEKEM Farm.

In the pivotal third meeting for “The Regenerative Future of the Bahariya Oases” at SEKEM farm from December 22-24, 2023, diverse stakeholders united for a prosperous future. Eng. Alshimaa Abdelghany, representing the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), led a dynamic post-SIF discussion group. Explore the innovative solutions presented, particularly in addressing agricultural drainage, as we pave the way for sustainable practices in the Bahariya Oasis and beyond.


Joint Meeting of EBDA and SDF Teams with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

In a strategic alliance, teams from (EBDA) and the Sekem Development Foundation (SDF) convened for a joint meeting with the (NBE). This collaborative meeting served as a platform to align objectives, share insights, and explore avenues for our synergistic partnerships in order to serve our registered farmers and issue them visa meeza cards to be easier and safer for them to receive their deserved revenues. The meeting underscored a commitment to fostering sustainable development and financial resilience. As agreed, a training session will be conducted for the EBDA extension team to know more about the registering processes from the NBE training system side.


EoL Team Introduces New SEKEM Products on Producers Market’s StoryBird Page

Besides the current products (Anise and Chamomile tea) that are published, EoL team is  uploading 2 more SEKEM products (Olive oil and sesame oil) on the StoryBird page of Producers Market  which is similar to our impacTrace tool on the Economy of Love webpage describing the product’s journey. Check the link to learn more: producersmarket.com