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EBDA in May 2023

The world’s BEE Day!

EBDA celebrated the world’s bee day at SEKEM farm in the Bee site. With the SEKEM beekeeper Eslam Siam and his team the EBDA team have explored several beehives and learnt interesting facts about bees. Together with the Economy of Love standard, the bee’s world can be enhanced and developed in Egypt. 

Farms4ClimateProject Consortium Meeting at Sekem farm

Agreement and UNIBAS held a Farms4ClimateProject Consortium Meeting in Cairo, where SEKEM and EBDA teams shared knowledge on agroecological carbon farming and carbon credits for regenerative practices. The meeting celebrated cultural exchanges, deepening connections and fostering global unity.

EBDA involved in the Women Assessment in Wahat

In coordination with HU, Sekem Wahat farm and EBDA a two-day women assessment has been carried out in el-wahat region. They visited several women related to the EBDA registered farmers, women that have children registered in the Sekem Wahat school and different women from four different villages. Through this assessment, the team knew the women’s needs, challenges and difficulties. Next to this, the team studied how to facilitate a workshop for those women who want to learn and produce to increase their profits and enhance their livelihood. 

Team Development !

the EBDA team prioritizes team well-being as the cornerstone of their success. By nurturing a supportive, understanding, and health-conscious environment, they not only enhance productivity and work quality but also create a flourishing and harmonious workplace where everyone can thrive. By organizing regular team-building activities and wellness workshops, the EBDA team ensures that everyone has an opportunity to de-stress, bond, and recharge. Whether it’s engaging in fun team challenges or learning mindfulness techniques, these activities promote a positive and cohesive team spirit.

Ebda & Ventile Partnership announcement

Under the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) is pleased to announce its joint venture with Ventile, a renowned sustainable textile manufacturer. This partnership aims to support Egyptian farmers in adopting biodynamic cotton farming methods, promoting the production of high-quality, ethical, and regenerative organic cotton for textile manufacturing.

Justus Harm Presented EoL at MIT in Boston

Justus Harm presented the Economy of Love standard at MIT, emphasizing ethical supply chains, economic elements, and addressing societal inequalities. The scheme promotes fair distribution and individual rights.

Monthly Increase in the EBDA Number of Farmers 

EBDA successfully reached 588 farms including 1849 farmers with 10425 feddan as a total farm area in 2022. The next phase of upscaling the number of farmers who convert from conventional to organic/biodynamic farming and reaching 40000 farmers. 

In 2023, EBDA is tracking the upscaling project monthly .As illustrated in the graph, this occurred in March, April, and May. During this time, EBDA received 430 new farm applications.  There are 1927 farmers in total. And 11688 total farm area in Feddan. The technical team is constantly approving and evaluating these apps.