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EBDA in May 2024

The 1st. African Biodynamic Conference organized by the EBDA


The 1st African Biodynamic Conference at SEKEM and Heliopolis University on May 10th-12th gathered 150 participants from Africa and Europe, uniting around Ecology, Education, and Economy pillars. Egypt as the gateway to biodynamic practices sparked a movement for sustainability and the Economy of Love. Collaboration, curriculum creation, and future planning shaped the conference, inspiring action for a brighter future. Conference Pics

The Progress of PGS 


After completing the first round of the PGS by February 29th, 2024, the second phase started at the beginning of March, 2024. On May 11th, the EBDA team executed the second phase, drawing from insights gained during the initial phase. Using the Kobo platform, the EBDA initiated the process of establishing a comprehensive database for farms. Beginning May 11th, the EBDA team began inputting farm data onto the Kobo platform. The PGS checklist was integrated into the Kobo system to facilitate paperless audits, simplifying the process. The Kobo platform operates offline, allowing users to input data seamlessly, with automatic synchronization once online, ensuring data integrity. The second round included 17 governorates, comprising 230 farms, with all audits concluded by the end of May 2024.


A Mission to Taiwan


– In Taiwan From 19th – 27th May, sessions were held with two different teachers from Waldorf schools for agricultural appropriate agro-activities. 

– Session with teachers and parents regarding BD nutrition.

– A governmental official agency for the Agricultural ministry about carbon credits and the Economy of Love in central Taiwan. 

– Three-day workshops with BD associations about BD preps and cosmic calendar to study the cosmic influences, additionally, to harvest and evaluate the BD preparations. As well as the development of the association and discussion about the Economy of Love system. 

The Communication Team


The EBDA communication team successfully prepared for the 1st. African Biodynamic Conference in terms of creating all printings, such as banners, roll-ups, posters, nametags, water bottle and tote bags for giveaways for  the participants, in addition to  social media posts.  Not only digitally, but also we had our media team to cover the whole 3-days of the conference and take amazing snippets for the activities and keynotes that were presented. Check out our webpage to learn more!

  • Trip to Fayoum: 13,14,15 May 2024

To shoot our farmers’ success stories after converting from conventional to organic agriculture and how they can advise the new farmers to take this step and what their points of benefit from the organic in Fayoum.

  • Trip to Ismailia: 2 May 2024

To shoot 7 learning videos about mangoes and citrus from the first land preparation until harvest operations to facilitate this process to new farmers in Ismailia.

  • EBDA new Videos

This month, May 2024.  The video editing team had finished editing 10 learning videos related to the EBDA educational campaign “Learn with EBDA”. Check the link to learn more.


The Economy of Love Team


  • Climate Heroes Ceremony at Marsa Matrouh on the 15th of May

On Wednesday 15th of May, EoL team celebrated 44 Egyptian small-holder farmers at Marsa Matrouh governorate for their vital role in biodynamic farming, receiving their carbon credit revenue from 2022. Celebrating and rewarding our Climate Heroes financially  and handing them their EoL carbon Credits certificate, as the standard acknowledges their dedication to organic farming practices aimed at sequestering carbon emissions through compost manufacturing, renewable energy utilization, and vital agriculture practices.

The ceremony, attended by prominent figures including Major General Khaled Shoeib, Governor of Matrouh, and Dr. Helmy Abouleish, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, highlighted the commitment of these projects to serve agriculture in Matrouh. Dr. Thoraya Saeda, Director of the Carbon Footprint Center at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, emphasized the goal of promoting sustainable agriculture amidst climate challenges.

  • Climate Heroes Ceremony at Al-Wahat on the 30th of May

On Thursday 30th of May, EoL team celebrated 81 Egyptian small-holder farmers at Al-Wahat Oasis, in Giza governorate. With the presence of Helmy Abouleish, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, Justus Harm Co-Executive Director of the EBDA and the EoL, Eng. Ibrahim Saad, Eng. Mogeeb Al-Rahman and Dr. Amr Sabbahy. Along with Al-Wahat certified farmers who were rewarded for their contribution to the environment.

  • Total Carbon Credits sold in May

In order to help our climate heroes, the EBDA farmers who are following the EoL standard and are getting the benefits from the carbon credits system. In this regard, the EoL team sold 50 carbon credits in May 2024. 


The EBDA Farmers’ Training and Growth


EBBA Farmers’ Growth

EBDA extension engineers successfully registered 162 new farms in May that included 1024 farmers with a total area of 1882.5 acres.

EBDA total registered information from January until May, 2024 as follows:

Total farms: 809

Total farmers: 4184

Total area in acres: 10579.59

EBBA Farmers’ Training

Farmers’ Training Plan May 2024