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EBDA in November 2022

Future Economy Forum at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development

The Future Economy Forum was hosted and organized by Heliopolis University and SEKEM for the first time in Egypt. The summit focused on solutions along the entire value chain that integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people, societies and nature. This regenerative value creation is already the success recipe of many participating companies. From 5-6 November  many solutions towards the mitigation of the climate change crisis have been presented from experts in different sectors. Students and staff joined as well and discussed the solution for protecting the environment.  The Future Economy Forum with many different dialogues has been discussed as well at the SEKEM venue at Sharm el Sheikh during the COP 27.

COP Solution Dialogues with Future Economy Forum –  SEKEM – NOW Partner

Mr Helmy Abouleish, Justus Harm, Naglaa Ahmed, Thoraya Seada, and the EBDA team worked on the awareness of the ‘Economy of Love’ vision and its carbon credits market for supporting our climate heroes: the Egyptian organic farmers. The team  clarified that EBDA has now more than 2000 farmers and is attempting to upscale to 40,000 farmers in order to convert from conventional to organic farming and biodynamic agriculture, to support the planet by raising the amount of CO2 sequestered into the soil by doing afforestation, compost, and using renewable energy. 

Economy of Love standard has been introduced at COP 27

The Egyptian Biodynamic Association (Demeter Egypt) took part in COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh in order to introduce the Economy of Love vision and standard. In cooperation with UNDP, UNDP accelerator labs, Economy of Love, and the Zero Fund all together launched the Zero COP 27 campaign for offsetting the attendees’s CO2 emissions during the conference. Find out more under the link: zerocop27 and about EoL standard check the link: https://economyoflove

Soil Microbiology training in SEKEM

EBDA delighted to be part of the coordination of a 5-days training course at SEKEM farm for soil microbiology sciences together with the Organic Egypt project, and Heliopolis University. Teaching assistants from HU, team members from Organic Egypt project, IDAM association and Dr. Abdullah Korayem – one of the EBDA team – participated in the training. The course was led by the French expert, Dr. Dustin, an expert in soil microbiology.

EBDA signing contracts with 33 farmers

Justus Harm (director of EBDA and Economy of Love)  signed a contract with 33 farmers to support with the EoL fund to increase their compost production. The EoL fund spent 224,300 EGP for the compost production of 2,243 tons of compost for 33 farmers. 


The member’s general assembly of BFDI

The  General Members’ Assembly of BFDI  (Biodynamic Federation Demeter International) took place in Chile (25.-29.11.). Mr. Helmy Abouleish (President of the BFDI and delegate of EBDA – Demeter Egypt).


EBDA preparing the cosmic agenda for 2023 

EBDA is preparing the 2023 cosmic agenda for the biodynamic farmers in Egypt at the beginning of the year. 


The German embassy garden is now an organic one!

EBDA supports the German Embassy’s garden to be transformed into organic.  Ms. Angela Hofmann attended meetings with spouses of different Embassies to give them knowledge about how to make compost and cultivate the gardens organic. They will implement the compost making in the Embassies garden areas. Ms. Angela gave an introduction to SEKEM vision, Biodynamic Agriculture, Economy of Love standard, Carbon credits and the Egyptian Bees. The meetings will be followed up by several visits at the Embassies and at SEKEM farm in Sharqia.


Training for the Agricultural teacher in Sekem school and vocational training center 

Training for the agricultural teachers in Sekem school and vocational training center will be held twice a week at Sekem farm, Belbes – Sharkia. The training is led by Ms. Angela Hofmann and it will be ongoing  training for a long term to develop further curricula.